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Jason sm"Awesome mild fall weather for camping in the wildest spots and lots of bugling action on every hunt starting with archery September 1 and ending with 2nd rifle on the 15th of October...."

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Santa Fe Guiding Company hunting & outfitting services has it all - Elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelopeBarbary sheepMerriam's turkey & oryx.

Real hunts for true hunters desiring personal challenge and recreation to harvest free range wild New Mexico game.
Over 20 years providing professional guiding and outfitting services and a life time of "home field" hunting experiences for all of our native New Mexican guides.

  • Professional guiding and outfitting
  • Remote public lands
  • Private ranches
  • Small private hunt parties
  • NMDG&F draw license expert assistance for public land hunts
  • Private land hunting licenses
  • Elk & Pronghorn Antelope Land Owner Authorizations for sale
  • Priority Use Permit holder for Santa Fe, Carson & Cibola National Forest
  • Special Use Permit holder for BLM Las Cruces & Roswell Districts
  • New Mexico Registered Outfitter & Guides
  • Licensed and Insured
  • No high fences & no pet livestock

For more information please check out our specific species hunt pages attached.


More Info

Santa Fe Guiding Company is an equal opportunity service provider by Priority Use Permits on the Carson, Ciblola and Santa Fe National Forest and on the Las Cruces and Roswell Bureau of Land Management districts.

For all the information available on these fine federal lands please check out their web sites at:


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